About us

50° Anniversary 1973-2023


The IDRI company was founded in 1973 by brothers Luigino and Davidino Scarpantonii, as an artisan company for the construction of water and heating systems for civil constructions. Registration with the A.N.C. (National Register of Builders) marks a very important step for the acquisition of industrial orders and works from public bodies. It currently holds the SOA certification for the execution of public works and has obtained various certifications, guaranteeing the quality of the services offered. The orders include the construction of gas pipelines, gas distribution, connections to utilities and activities on meters. Currently the staff is made up of approximately 250 members. The company's scope of action is throughout the national territory and also in foreign countries; the average turnover in recent years has been around 30 million euros.

Director: Mr. Luigino Scarpantonii
Technical direction: Eng. Alessandro Scarpantonii

Areas of interest

In 1994, IDRI Sas of Scarpantonii L. & C. took on orders directly from ItalGas of Turin for the expansion and maintenance of the ABRUZZO NORD and MARCHE SUD exercise groups and the construction and distribution of gas networks in the Municipalities of Pettorano sul Gizio (AQ ), Avezzano and Turrivalignani (PE). The company has taken on orders from ITALGAS, HERA, A2A, again in the sector of maintenance and construction of new plants and the maintenance of existing ones, and from CIIP (Integrated Cycles of Primary Plants of Ascoli Piceno) and from ACEA, operating in the sector of aqueducts and water and sewerage pipelines. The corporate and professional evolution has led to the hiring of jobs in industries for the construction of pneumatic systems, diathermic oil, steam, room heating, air treatment, fire prevention and water purification.

Park vehicles

IDRI SPA has an efficient and modern fleet of vehicles to offer its services in compliance with regulations and to guarantee adequate timing in large-scale works commissioned by private individuals, companies and public bodies. The importance of safeguarding its staff and the community is the basis of the company's continuous updating.